Strategic Perspectives President Robert Sutton began his technology career nearly 20 years ago.   His diverse business experience in technology, higher education, and various leadership positions equipped him to identify a “gap” experienced by small and medium-sized business - the availability of cost-effective CIO leadership for businesses that could not justify a full-time, on-staff Chief Information Officer.  And so, in 2001, Bob was moved to create an offering that would provide Executive-level Technology Leadership to this market segment. 

Recent trends such as corporate downsizing, elimination of CIO/IT Director roles, “light speed” growth, and organizational budgetary restrictions have contributed to the need for the unique type of strategic IT leadership.

Strategic Perspectives is a progressive consulting firm with a proven record in teaming with businesses to increase effectiveness, streamline operational efficiencies, and potentially become more profitable through goal-oriented technology planning.   We provide an independent and objective perspective for our clients and use our findings to develop strategy utilizing technology as a business enabler.

Companies may decide that they need additional assistance in implementing the recommendations made by their On-Demand CIO from Strategic Perspectives.  We have the capability to deliver on these recommendations. With Strategic Perspectives, you have a virtual organization available to you comprised of an extensive list of pre-qualified IT partners, manufacturers and service providers.

Strategic Perspectives is becoming the IT partner for clients. Whether full-time or part-time, we are helping to shape technology plans that complement the visionary business plans of our clients.




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